Showcase of Students' Work From Various Years

Theatre Scripts (2017)

In addition to pursuing their regular academic year curriculum, each class of students in our program have been working on a play this year. Each class wrote their own script based on a story (Chinese folktale or historical event), and worked on the choreography and props for the play. The scripts are read and recorded by our teacher, Amy, and are posted here to help our students rehearse their lines in their respected play.

Tuesday — 仙人张果老 (Zhangguo the Immortal)

Wednesday — 姜太公 (Jiang Tai Gong)

Thursday — 鸿门宴 (The Banquet at Hongmen)

Saturday AM — 嫦娥 (Chang'e - the goddess of the Moon)

Saturday PM — 飞来峰 (The Flying Mountain)

Essays & Drawings

Spring 2014 

Writings & Drawings