Summer CAMP NYC 2018


Week 1: 7/9 (M) to 7/13 (F)

Week 2: 7/16 (M) to 7/20 (F)


Week 3: 7/23 (M) to 7/27 (F)

Week 4: 7/30 (M) to 8/3 (F)

Camp Time: 9:00am to 3:00pm (Mon to Fri)

(Drop-off can be as early as 8:30am)

  • 2018 Summer Camp registration is by session, please see below for details.
  • Space is limited to maximum 20 students per session.
  • A site visit and interview is required for any new enrollees to our program. Please email us at to schedule a visit.


  • Early Bird: $625 per week (Must register by March 1st.)
  • Priority Enrollment: $675 per week (Register between March 2nd to April 15th)  
  • Regular Price: $750 per week (Register after April 15th)


This summer we will only be hosting our Summer Camp NYC at our main location in midtown Manhattan. We look forward to serving our Park Slope families by 2019 for our first Summer Camp Brooklyn!

Can't wait till summer 2019? Check out our Fall classes in Park Slope:


Themed Activities (Activities vary each year)

  • Journey to the West — A Theatre Play of the Chinese Classics

Routine Activities 

  • Ping Pong (Table Tennis)

  • Chinese Calligraphy

  • Chinese Chess 

  • Chinese cuisine cooking lessons

  • Field Trips

Feeling adventurous? Check out our Summer Program in China:

About CCBG's Chinese Immersion Summer Camp:

Our annual Chinese Immersion Summer Camp offers a great chance for children to consolidate what they have learned during the previous academic year and to put-to-use their acquired language skills as well as to expand them.

Students will be divided into small groups of 4-5 students based on their Chinese skill levels. Mandarin is exclusively used with the more advanced groups, and Mandarin is supplemented with limited amount of English at the lower levels. Our teacher-to-student ratio will be 1:4 or 1:5. Besides our regular teachers, we will also have other Mandarin-speaking counselors from an array of fields guiding our students. Such counselors will consist of professionals (such as: scientists, artists, athletes) with the support of native Mandarin-speaking College or High School students. 

Please email us at: to schedule an interview with us or to inquire about our Regular Classes.

Previous years

Summer 2017: Silkworms & The Silk Road

Our campers dived into the art of raising silkworms and the long history behind these amazing creatures. They also put together an interactive play that highlighted the major stops along the Silk Road that connect ancient China to the West.

Here is a video of our campers raising silkworms.

Here is a video of our campers performing The Silk Road play.

Summer 2015: A Play About Chinese Dialects 

A short synopsis of our 2015 Summer Camp.

Summer 2014: The Sign Book Project

Ever wondered what the signs say when you walk into a neighborhood that relies on a language that you don't know?

Well, our students did. This project took our students on a trip around the Chinatowns of Manhattan's Lower East Side and into Flushing, Queens. The students took pictures of local signage and reproduced these signage on paper and deciphered the meanings behind them. This book is a collection of their reproduced work and serves as a mini-guide to signage when they revisit the locations!

Summer Activity Album — Arts & Crafts

Our camp offers a variety of arts and crafts activities to enrich the learning experience for all our student, including: Chinese calligraphy, drawing, painting, model building, and sowing.

Summer Activity Album — Chinese Chess

A strategic game that our students enjoy a great deal. Similar to International Chess, but not quite, you can learn how to play from our collection of how-to videos.

Summer Activity Album — Community Studies

Our students surveyed and interviewed the local Chinese communities in NYC on various studies, brought the data back, followed by organizing and compiling the data into charts and diagrams to verify their findings.

Summer Activity Album — Performance

From the spotlight-loving to camera-shy, there is always something for any student to participate — story writing, scripting, stage designing, backstage support, and acting are some of the most popular things our students enjoy. Our program's theatre work offers the opportunity for students to learn the art of cooperation.

Summer Activity Album — Ping Pong (Table Tennis)

This low-risk sport is gaining popularity in NYC with clubs like SPIN located in midtown Manhattan. It is perhaps our students' favorite thing to do during breaks, they love the dexterity, agility and strategy required for this game.

To help our students learn or train Ping Pong, our program occasionally invite Olympic-grade professionals, such as Wang Chen, a former Chinese World Champion Team member that has also won several North American and U.S. Championships; she represented the U.S, and took 5th place for Women's Single in Table Tennis, the highest the U.S. has ever reached in this sport.  

Summer Activity Album — Raising Silkworms

Students cared for the young silkworm larvae from eggs to worm, feeding them their much needed diet of mulberry leaves. Meanwhile, they learned the science behind the delicate growth process of the silkworm larvae, as well as the important lesson of empathy for all living beings, big or small.