We are a community alternative for high quality Chinese language education for children. We can lead, and we can support.

Studies have found that, if immersed completely in a foreign language environment, it takes a child three months to be able to speak the new language at a very basic level. These three months of regular schooling translate to 60 regular school days.

Our curriculum is designed around the 30-week NYC academic year. A child attending our regular weekly classes that are 2 hours long will cumulate 60 hours of work time in a given academic year, equivalent to 10 school-days.

Through this calculation, we learn that our English-speaking children taking the 2-hour long Chinese class will need 6 years to cumulate the same amount of language exposure that is equivalent to three months of full-immersion in a regular Chinese school.

These facts leave us with several important messages for both programs and parents:

Parents and teachers: Our expectations of children's learning outcomes through attending weekly Chinese classes like ours should be reasonable. Our program makes sure that these expectations are clarified before a student is enrolled. 

Programs: The curriculum should be strong, and specifically tailored to children's learning, memory and forgetting curves resulting from a weekly class schedule. Our curriculum has produced strong learning results among the overwhelming majority of our students. When we feel that we can NOT best serve your child to make his/her time worthy, we tell you during the interview or as soon as the case is clear to us. 

Parents: In addition to bringing your children to attend regular classes, your home support for your child's Chinese learning is critical. We communicate with parents closely to monitor and offer support for parents' home support. 


  • We have a strong curriculum that is clearly articulated and constantly kept transparent to parents so that it can be monitored and improved by us all.

  • Our core teaching staff is kept stable so that students receive individualized support from teachers with intimate knowledge of their learning style year after year. 

  • We conduct weekly assessment of students' performance in major areas related to learning: participation, energy, mood, and academic performance. 

  • Our curriculum is structured under a strictly controlled leveling system. Students who put in the necessary amount of work advances up weekly (by a learning unit) and yearly (by a level).

  • The teacher-to-student ratio in our program is kept low: ranging from 1:2 to 1:6. This ensures individualized support and opportunities for students to practice what they have learned.