Summer Program China 2018 was successfully completed to satisfaction of our students, parents, teachers and staff!
Check out below for photos of our adventures!

Summer Program China 2018 photo collection.

About CCBG's Summer Program in China:

Each of our China Summer Program takes our students and participating families to a few selected cities in China (cities are selected based on the theme for that year).

Along the way, we serve as your guide as we experience China like a local, whether it be watching a magic show at a night market, eat the thickest noodles in China, climb one of the most beautiful mountains of China, chat with Chinese families, witness rare local communities, or to hear from self-made Chinese entrepreneurs who will share their stories with you. And most importantly, we will guide our students as they experience the most authentic situation to practice their Chinese language. 

Journey To The West:
Along The Silk Road For The Adventurous Souls

 (Click image for interactive map.)

(Click image for interactive map.)

This year, CCBG will be bringing a group of families on a journey through 5 to 6 cities. These cities were major stops along the Silk Road in ancient times. This route was also the path taken by the famous Tang Monk, Xuanzang, when he journeyed to India to bring back to China the true teachings of Buddhism.

Our journey will start from Xi'an, ancient China's starting "hub city" where merchants loaded their horses and camels with goods from China. From Xi'an, we will head westward all the way into Xinjiang.



Stop 1: Xi'An 西安

Stop 2: Lanzhou 兰州

Stop 3: Dunhuang 敦煌 

Stop 4: Kumul 哈密 (Also known as: Hami)

Stop 5: Urumuqi 乌鲁木齐

Stop 6: Aksu 阿克苏 (Optional)


June 25 (Mon) to July 7 (Sat)

(Departure and return dates can be flexible to accommodate participating families.)


CCBG will charge a flat fee for educational planning during the trip. Participants are responsible for their own travel costs (flights, transportation, lodging, etc.). CCBG will select and recommend service providers.

Interested? For more details and/or questions:

Please inquire with one of our staff, email or call us.


Tel: (212) 868-8180

Previous Years


2016 — Where the Dynasties Rise and Fall (Ancient Capitals & Their Stories)

12-day program with Chinese and American families traveling. (Locations: Xi'An 西安, Luoyang 洛阳, Manzhouli 满开封南京杭州.) 

Our 2016 China Summer Program brought a group of families (majority from the US and some from China) on a journey through 4 to 6 Chinese cities. All of these cities have once served as the capital of China in ancient times, but are now vibrant modern cities.

We visited all of these cities in the time order in which they served as the capital of China in the past. To hear more about our adventures, please go here.


Summer Program China: 2010 to 2014

2014 — People and What They Do

21-day program with a small group traveling. (Locations: Shandong 山东, Wuhan 武汉, Chengdu 成都, Shanghai 上海.) 

2013 — Camping with Chinese students in a school in Shanghai +Travels

10-day program with Chinese and American families traveling in the Southeastern Coastal regions of China. The American students attended a summer camp in Shanghai. (Locations: Shanghai 上海, Shaoxing 绍兴, Hanzhou 杭州.) 

2012 — People and What They Do

10-day program with Chinese and American families traveling in the Southwestern regions of China. (Locations: Kungming 昆明, Guiyang 贵阳, Chengdu 成都.) 

2011 — Focus: Nature (Ancient Forests & Prairies)

10-day program with Chinese and American families traveling in the Northeastern regions and the Northern borders of China. (Locations: Qiqihaer 齐齐哈尔, Hailar 海拉尔, Manzhouli 满洲里.) 

2010 — Studying with Chinese students in a Beijing school

Three-week program with our students attending a Chinese school in Beijing. (Location: Beijing)