Summer Camp: NYC 2018 was successfully completed to satisfaction of our students, parents, teachers and staff!
Check out their Journey to the West plays below!

Part 1/5 -Birth of the Monkey King (猴王出世)

Part 2/5 - Monkey King Wrecks Havoc in the Heavenly Palace (孙悟空大闹天宫)

Part 3/5 - Tang Seng Takes in Disciples (唐僧收徒)

Part 4/5 - Thrice Defeats of the White-Bone Demon (三打白骨精)

Part 5/5 - A few words from our students' theater instructor: Michael Leibenluft


About CCBG's Chinese Immersion Summer Camp:

Our annual Chinese Immersion Summer Camp offers a great chance for children to consolidate what they have learned during the previous academic year and to put-to-use their acquired language skills as well as to expand them.

Students will be divided into small groups of 4-5 students based on their Chinese skill levels. Mandarin is exclusively used with the more advanced groups, and Mandarin is supplemented with limited amount of English at the lower levels. Our teacher-to-student ratio will be 1:4 or 1:5. Besides our regular teachers, we will also have other Mandarin-speaking counselors from an array of fields guiding our students. Such counselors will consist of professionals (such as: scientists, artists, athletes) with the support of native Mandarin-speaking College or High School students. 

Please contact us to schedule an interview with us or click here to inquire about our School Year Classes.

Summer Camp NYC 2018



Themed Activities (Activities vary each year)

  • Journey to the West — A Theatre Play of the Chinese Classics

Routine Activities 

  • Ping Pong (Table Tennis)
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Chinese Chess 
  • Chinese cuisine cooking lessons
  • Field Trips


Week 1: 7/9 (M) to 7/13 (F)

Week 2: 7/16 (M) to 7/20 (F)


Week 3: 7/23 (M) to 7/27 (F)

Week 4: 7/30 (M) to 8/3 (F)

Camp Time: 

9:00am to 3:00pm (Mon to Fri) Drop-off can be as early as 8:30am

  • 2018 Summer Camp registration is by session, please see below for details.
  • Space is limited to maximum 20 students per session.
  • A site visit and interview is required for any new enrollees to our program. Please email us at to schedule a visit.


  • Early Bird: $625 per week (Must register by March 1st.)
  • Priority Enrollment: $675 per week (Register between March 2nd to April 15th)  
  • Regular Price: $750 per week (Register after April 15th)


This summer we will only be hosting our Summer Camp NYC at our main location in midtown Manhattan. We look forward to serving our Park Slope families by 2019 for our first Summer Camp Brooklyn!

Previous Years


Summer 2017: Silkworms & The Silk Road

Our campers dived into the art of raising silkworms and the long history behind these amazing creatures. They also put together an interactive play that highlighted the major stops along the Silk Road that connected ancient China and the West.

A summary of our session 2 camper's two-week Silk Road theatre project.

A summary of our session 1 camper's two-week silkworm raising project.


Summer 2015: A Play About Chinese Dialects

A short synopsis of our 2015 Summer Camp.