We are so happy to have found CCBG. The program is really the ideal blend between fun and motivation, but also with high expectations and has a true immersive instruction. It is clear that Gisela and all of the teachers put a lot of time and energy into crafting an incredibly thoughtful curriculum.”
— Cathy

This is our 4th year at CCBG and each year the curriculum continues to impress. New projects, calligraphy, shows and trips are building very well rounded students, and friendships are built through the CCBG family.
— Devka D.

The CCBG teachers have inspired my otherwise shy daughter to try and speak Chinese more. I look forward to many more years at CCBG, watching my children grow and learn there.
— Yu Ping

Every child learns differently, the teachers at CCBG hone in on the idiosyncrasies of each child and apply various teaching techniques to promote a positive learning experience. What ensues is an elevated level of confidence in students that fosters continual interest in a seemingly daunting area of study.
— Chih L.

Traveling with other families whose children are also studying Mandarin creates a nice community of learners, and relationships that last beyond the trip.”
— Karen Weissman (Summer China Program, traveling with child)
CCBG designed a program that acknowledged the vastness of the country, yet had a clear narrative thread, taking a wide view of Chinese culture while providing many opportunities for interaction.”
— Jariya Wanapun (Summer China Program, traveling with her child)

Traveling to China with CCBG was an action-packed adventure... There were group activities and also time set aside for independent exploration at each location.”
— Jennifer Hamono (Summer China Program, traveling with child)
Gisela arranges a specialized guide at almost every site, and with her translation, China’s vast history becomes approachable and understandable...”
— Pang-Mei Chang (Summer China Program, traveling with child)