Learning Chinese history with the Loi Family

What did Loi Ancestors do 1,000 years ago?

Kiana and Dylan were two of our former students who studied with us for several years. Their maternal grandfather, Mr. Loi, handed us two of his family history books to decipher. Howard (husband to our teacher, Lei), who has a special interest in studying family history, spent months digging through these books. 

In this presentation, Howard will lead members of the Loi family as well as our teachers, parents and our students through the Loi family history that dates back to over one thousand years ago. We will see how the history of this individual family has intertwined with Chinese history. For examples, why did the Chinese move from the north to the south and even further to the south? Why has education as a personal achievement been so prized in China? And what was the status of women in Chinese hostory and how was it elevated in an individual family?

Sitting down with a family such as the Loi's and to hear about their ancestors is an amazing and unprecedented way to learn about Chinese history.

Date & Time:  10/15 (Sat) @ 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Admission: Free (Open to our students, families, babysitters and friends)

RSVP: None required

Location: Children's Chinese Book Garden